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Wulai by Autumn Part 2

by sander5. December 2009 03:23

Going to continue my Wulai trip that happened last wednesday from this post: today.


Remember before I was babbling about Jade? Well, here's the Chinese alternative to the Ouliphaunts known from Lord of The Rings.


Would you get something like this for your house? It's pretty grande and probably not cheap even though it's in Taiwan, but it should be possible to somehow acquire if you're crazy enough. Otherwise, why would they display so many of them here? No? Got enough of Jade already from reading the other post? - I'll go on to something new.


Told you already that Wulai is a very beautiful place, so let me just prove it to you a bit more:



The little city below, supporting mountainwalkers with coffee, hot springs and an old market holding a lot of stuff you've probably never seen before unless you've been living here most of your life. Just a few thousands live in Wulai so it's not really big.


The little trains keep skittering by the main road every few minutes. It's probably a very good business.


They still have some Japanese buildings too. This one is a closed hot spring, but perhaps they're renovating it?


That's what's for dessert. I assure you, this is good. It's like a mistreated pudding, and has a lot of little sweet, chewy and sticky slices of something that looks like a rice product. Those are simply the best. If you get the chance, eat this.


In the city now. (Or maybe it's more like a town?) Up there is a cafe with a great view. The price is, as always, low.


Have to make sure people know there's aborigines around here. There's a taxi station just here where you can even read on a sign, how much it will cost you to go to some of the nearby cities.


And that's the view from the cafe.


Finally, we went to the market there before we headed towards Taipei again. Obviously they have a lot of aborigine-related foods and souvenirs as well as a bunch of other stuff you can get at almost any mountain city. We didn't buy much, there's joy enough in just looking through all of it. You can also eat there if you need, and there's public restrooms right at the beginning of it.

So... I think there's enough of it now. There's pretty far from here back to my home in ShiPai, as Wulai is located far southeast of Taipei county while I live in the northern border of Taipei City right now. After we got home, I munched a bit of candy we bought there while practicing Chinese and soon went to bed. Had to make a speech for the rotary club the next day and I wrote it all in Chinese characters so there was some work to do.

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