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Copenhagen Night Tour

by sander26. February 2012 20:45

 Fellow Photographer

This is Rasmus Svejdal. We went out to snap a few photos of the city Thursday this week, and I'm going to explain some of the photos I took then in this blogpost. Rasmus is a fellow DSLR enthusiast I met in gymnasium (highschool) in Slagelse, who recently moved to Copenhagen with his girlfriend.
I've already used some of the photo he has taken at The Sakura Festival last year on my blog.

 Fisketorvet entrance

We started off around Copenhagen Central Station, but at this time the sun was still shining, so I'm just going to skip to when we exited Fisketorvet.

 Gemini Residence

The building in the middle here is the Gemini Residence. Before turning into luxury apartments, it was two silos belonging to an animal feed company. This building is really something for itself. You can see more of it (including interior) @

 Beautiful Scenery

Around this area there's many interesting buildings, in particular along the canals. The picture above is taken using very long exposure time.

 Beautiful Scenery

Spring has just started at this point. Very much just started. It was really sunny on this Thursday, but you can still see a lot of ice floating around in the canals. Now it's about time. I've been looking very much forward to spring.

 Zulu Neon Sign

You can get to this area around the canals by walking straight south from Copenhagen Central Station. Actually these expensive buildings are spread out mostly around the border to Amager (which is the canals).

 Parking lot

If you continue along the canals to the east, you'll come by the Royal Danish Library, the building for which is known as The Black Diamond. After passing this, we turned north and soon found ourselves in the heart of the city again.

 Parking lot

The big canals envelop central Copenhagen as if it were a little island, but there's also small canals like this going through central Copenhagen. It's a little similar to Amsterdam I suppose.

 Parking lot

This is Christiansborg. It is the building housing The Folketing. The national parliament of Denmark. During special events, demonstrations and elections this place attracts a lot of people.

 Nightview of Strøget with Storkespringvandet

This photo is taken at Strøget. It's only a few meters from where I took the picture of Christiansborg above. It is one of Copenhagens most popular attractions. Strøget is a collection of streets in central Copenhagen famous for its old street architecture and shopping streets. In the middle of the picture a dark figure can be spotted. This is an iconic fountain called Storkespringvandet.

 Rasmus in front of Illum

Here's another picture of Rasmus.

 Clothes store

We thought this clothes store looked very asia-ish. You wouldn't have happened to spot this chain in Japan or Taiwan mayhaps? Actually this reminds me of a brand they had in Taiwan called Bathing Ape.

 Trees with sweaters

And here's something funny to finish up with. Somebody put sweaters on these trees. This is a type of street art that I've noticed appearing around big cities recently. I think I ran into some of it in Taipei, too, while I lived there. It's kind of like graffiti. People will rush to decorate the trees without asking permission. That's why you can see the line where it's sewn together. If they had more time they could probably knit the sweater together a little nicer.

 Clothes store

After this we went to Nørreport Station, which was just nearby, and took the train home. Next time we might go and take some pictures in Nørrebro if not Amager.

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Gode billeder Sander, det må vi snart gøre igen :)

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