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Year of the Tiger by Sander02/22/2010 20:28:00
Snake Alley by Sander02/12/2010 19:58:00
Lin Familys Garden in Banqiao (板橋林家花園) by Sander02/11/2010 19:09:00
New Camera by Sander02/06/2010 19:21:00
A truly derailed post (NSFW) by Sander02/02/2010 18:29:00
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Beard, Jubeat, Danish Candy, Gundam. Why? Why not? by Sander12/03/2009 17:46:00
Wulai By Autumn Part 1 by Sander11/29/2009 16:08:00 by Sander11/27/2009 15:50:00
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Car break in by Sander11/24/2009 16:37:00
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Eating goat-limbs in Taipei by Sander11/19/2009 16:40:00
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School festival and Takashimaya and stuffs by Sander11/14/2009 16:18:00
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Japanese Figures and Donuts by Sander11/05/2009 16:22:00
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My room by Sander10/27/2009 16:21:00
Spammers by Sander10/25/2009 16:43:00
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Sanders Portal to Taiwan? by Sander10/11/2009 18:16:00
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Hoardz of azns and randoms by Sander09/28/2009 17:43:00
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Guanghua Digital New Plaza by Sander09/23/2009 16:50:00
On tour with the rotary club 3 by Sander09/22/2009 18:05:00
On tour with the rotary club 2 by Sander09/21/2009 19:06:00
On tour with the rotary club by Sander09/20/2009 16:47:00
Bits of Taiwanese by Sander09/18/2009 15:52:00
Sogo - The place for rich office ladies by Sander09/17/2009 17:03:00
Taiwanese people and their health by Sander09/14/2009 16:37:00
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Singing Contest by Sander09/09/2009 17:43:00
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